“…..but in the multitude of counsel, there is safety”(Proverbs 11:14 )


No one knows us better than how the Lord Jesus Christ does. His desire is to be personal and intimate with His people. We read in 1 Peter 5:7, He cares for us. So we can cast all our cares on Him.

The Lord counsels us with His thoughts regarding our situation. We find the thoughts of God in the Word of God (Bible). The Lord also promises us the comfort and power of the Holy Spirit to deliver us. Another important help God gives us, which is often neglected by people, is the Body of Christ. He wants us to be covered and nurtured by the messages from the Bible and by the joy and fellowship we experience in the local church.

We have well experienced men and women in our church here, who can counsel you. Please feel free to contact us if you have a counseling need. There is not a single problem we have for which there is no help in God.